The coming new year is an opportunity for companies to offer promotions and awards as a way to pay tribute to customers. As a result, the frequency of non-woven bags appeared, which greatly increased.

Why are non-woven bags getting the favor of such businesses ?

Non-woven bags made from environmentally friendly matreials, do not contain harmful substances, are braethable, durable, can be used many times, being popular in packaging.

Through design with many different designs, non-woven packaging achieves high aesthetics, outstanding color, convenience and attracts the attention and excitement of customers 

Non-woven bags
Non-woven bags

The product can be reused many times, folded and can be washed, printed on the surface according to the designs, pictures, according to the requirements of customers. Therefore, non-woven bags are used as a means to promote the image very effectively for companies and businesses.

The gifts given to partners, customer and consumers are the best way for you to promote images to everyone.\

wine bag
wine bag

Just with a gift bag outside has revealed your gift giving culture. So, let’s show the image of a business that always emphasizes the health of consumers first by using environmental cloth bags to replace plastic packaging today.

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