Thermal Bag

How to keep an office lunch box or a cold water bottle warm for a long time when going out??

To solve the problem on the garment factory, L’eco proposes a new product, which is a hot and cold bag, with a smart, compact design and features that can hold hot or cold products such as mixed rice, water bottles, milk bottles,……very suitable for busy office workers, students, mothers with small children, ……

Thermal Bag

Bag construction:

– The outside is a non-woven fabric that can be changed with burlap or other fabric on request, …., inside is an aluminum film to help retain heat for many hours.

– Sewn with a main zipper compartment, with a sturdy strap for convenient transportation.

– Thick pockets help you put heavy items without fear of falling.

– Unique design and youthful colors suitable for all audiences.

Thermal Bag

More specifically, L’eco accepts logo printing and supports custom designs on bags, to help customers advertise more effectively. This is a new marketing solution that L’eco offers to customers and has been well received and responded to by many customers.

Receive orders with quantities from 500 products.

L’eco products are manufactured and made according to customers’ requirements including color, size, information printed on the bag and 100% checked by L’eco before being delivered to consumers.

If customers have a demand for our products, L’eco is proud to affirm that it will be a reliable place for customers to give their trust.

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