Non-Woven Bags Are Environment-Friendly Products

Environment-friendly, comfortable are two outstanding advantages of non-woven bags

Non-woven bags have become a craze in the fashion market right now. The product is a fashion bag and a bag containing conventional products instead of toxic plastic bags.

Non-woven bags are environment-friendly products

Why are called non-woven bag?

Because they are made from a fabric that does not undergo the textile process. With natural fiber materials undergo preparation, fabrication, fiber cushioning through immediate bonding glue or by method hot pressing to create a non-woven fabric bag without textile process.

Some features of non-woven fabric

  1. Decomposition time is only 2-3 years, can be reused many times.
  2. Not allergy to the human body, not affect the environment.
  3. Bring many useful properties such as absorbent, soft, breathable, elastic, durable.
  4. Anti-electrostatic, anti-ultraviolet, fireproof and waterproof.
  5. Non-woven fabric can be washed, printed on both surfaces of the product and compounded with PE film to create waterproof products.

Based on these features, which combined to create products suitable for life

  • Wet towels, cold towels, diapers, … disposable non-woven fabrics.
  • The products of blinds, tablecloths, packages, masks in Health, …
  • Used as a membrane for processing food, minerals, tea bags, …
  • The most popular products are drawstring backpack, fashion handbags, gift bags from workshops, bag for events,…

With the use of non-woven bags not only enhance the brand, promote the product but also promote the business to a new level.

According to the request of our customers, we can perform on many different colors and various materials. The orders with a big quantity can choose special colors.

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