When realizing that the Covid epidemic caused society to distance itself, according to the directive of the Ministry of Health. Then non-essential services have to temporarily close, the food service industry also has to switch to selling and taking away. This makes many things difficult, and greatly affects the economy and the environment. school. Notice when buying and taking away increases the amount of waste a lot. In the case of a shop selling during a normal period, both in-store and take-out sales are possible.

But during the epidemic, things sell taken away. The normal condition will be 50/50, during the epidemic season it is 100% to use plastic bags, and nylon, .. for sales. This means that the amount of waste released into the environment must be doubled.

In addition to the waste from food service stores. There is also waste from masks and medical supplies. During the pandemic, the mask is the component that appears 24/7. While normally some people use medical masks, some use cloth masks and a few do not use masks. As for now, everyone’s home must use this necessary item. That increases the amount of medical waste entering the environment.

This leads to a severely polluted environment. And immediate remedial measures are needed. Instead of going to buy a bunch of things and each one is a nylon bag, you can change to an environmental canvas bag that can hold all the things you want to buy. Instead of going to the store to buy food, you can bring a rice container to the store or need to keep food hot, please include a thermos bag.

Non-woven bags
Non-woven bags

Please stay at home when it is not necessary to go out. Instead of going to the market every day, change this habit.

In the face of a complicated epidemic situation, you must be alert to all situations. Because this is our responsibility and awareness to the environment and society. Contributing to better environmental protection will help a lot for the health of themselves, their families, and society.

Do not be subjective with everything, but focus on the things you have done that are useful to yourself, your family, and the community.

We always give our customers the best and protect the environment.


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