Application of non-woven fabric in life and economy

Non-woven fabrics have become familiar to everyone, because of their features and convenience. So when non-woven fabric appeared, it was very sought after by many manufacturers. Therefore, non-woven fabrics appear in all industries and fields in economic life. Today we want to share with everyone the utility applications of nonwovens.

1. Application in agriculture.

In agriculture, many farmers use this material to cover crops and vegetables. To prevent insect damage to plants and minimize the number of pesticides.

Besides, using non-woven fabric to cover crops will help plants grow quickly and can shorten harvest time.

Non-woven fabric for fruit bags
Non-woven fabric for fruit bags

2. Application in the field of medical care.

Non-woven fabric with high antibacterial properties, very lightweight. Should be used by many manufacturers in the medical field. Such as surgical gowns, isolation gowns, and masks. Since this fabric is non-toxic and does not irritate the skin, it is safe for garment use.

vải không dệt mỏng trong việc may khẩu trang

3. Application in furniture, and household appliances.

This material can be found in household furniture such as wardrobes, tool bags, duvet bags,… . Meet the benefits that they bring to life.

duvet bag
duvet bag

4. Application in a garment.

Thanks to its high durability and rapid decomposition, it is environmentally friendly. It is this fabric that is used a lot in the garment industry. Especially prominent as non-woven bags, diapers, tablecloths, disposable face towels, wet wipes, pads, hats, shoes,…

5. Application to promote the brand.

Hearing about this, probably few people know about this special application. But it’s true because non-woven fabrics are eco-friendly and perfect for printing. So many businesses use printing information and messages to advertise themselves.

Non-woven bags
Non-woven bags

And there are many wonderful applications and conveniences that nonwovens bring to life and the economy.

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