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We would like to share some basic information about non-woven bags as follows:

Non-woven bags with unique advantages such as versatility, convenience, luxury, easy to decompose, environmentally friendly, etc., have become an alternative to current consumers’ plastic bags.

non-woven bag

They use non-woven bags for many different purposes such as: using cloth bags to go to the market lighter than plastic bags, to go shopping, to fashion cloth bags, or to use to store personal tools to go out and travel.

In addition, cheap non-woven bags are also an advantage to attract consumers.

Currently, businesses are especially interested and focused on using non-woven bags as a form of promotion to promote the company’s products and brands for reasons of cheap price and environmental protection – here. Is it a growing problem in the whole world today?

Our company An Van Thanh with 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing to order non-woven bags for advertising, gifts, supermarket bags, PP woven lamination bags, cotton bags, etc. supply domestically and Exporting to foreign countries mainly Japan. In particular, we advise and design individual designs for customers with quality and price on request.

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