Jute bag styles and eco-friendly bag design ideas

Today, the use of jute bags is catching up with the trend and is widely used. To meet the needs of many different consumers, the design of jute bags is also increasingly diverse. It can be temporarily divided into styles of jute bags such as box bags, drawstring bags, tight bottom bags, and jute bags for wine, …

The box-shaped jute bag is the most popular and used style. With tall, horizontal, and hip designs, they usually come in the shape of a rectangular box or a square box. This makes it easy to store and carry a variety of items.

jute bag
jute bag
jute bag
Box jute bag

The drawstring jute bag is a style sewn in high and horizontal sizes. And the mouth part is sewn back to cover the items inside. The bag is used to hold small gifts, coffee beans, beans, herbs, fragrances, …

jute drawstring bag
Jute drawstring bag

The bottom tight jute bag is sewn in high – horizontal and bottom sizes. They are shaped like today’s fashion tote models. These bags are used as an accessory for women.

This jute wine bag is a tailor-made design to match your precious wine bottles. Depending on the purpose of the consumer, they can hold 1 bottle or many bottles.

jute wine bag
jute wine bag

With all the above designs and practical uses in life. They are diverse, convenient, and suitable for all uses. Besides, with environmentally friendly materials, the bag makes a strong impression on consumers. Not only that, jute bags can be designed and printed according to demand. Helping everyone to create the most suitable and quality jute bag.

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