Using self-destructing bags reduces environmental pollution and protects fresh air. Thanks to the fast and non-toxic decomposition process, the state encourages the use of self-destructing bags.

The harm of using plastic bags

Scientific studies have shown that plastic bags made from waste plastic not only affect users’ health but also pollute the environment. Accordingly, it takes 500-1,000 years for these bags to decompose on their own. If being buried, the water source will be polluted and if burned, the atmosphere will be “surrounded” by dioxins and furans. These gases cause poisoning, shortness of breath, vomiting blood, cancer, decreased immunity, dysfunction and birth defects in children ..

In particular, colored plastic bags containing food can cause foods to be contaminated with metals such as lead, hydrochloric … This type is harmful to the brain and is the cause of lung cancer. The danger level of a plastic bag is even greater when the material for making the bag is recycled from waste manually. Manufacturers have used toxic chemicals to bleach, increase toughness.


Using self-destructing bags is to protect the human environment

The advantages of using self-destructing bags are like when consumers go shopping for a fashionable handbag that is environmentally friendly. Non-flammable, non-flammable bags are non-toxic, odorless, and decompose without causing environmental pollution. This type is internationally recognized eco-friendly product that protects the Earth.

The self-destruct bag only crumbles into very small pieces. Only after a period of being affected by the chemicals that the manufacturer uses to produce this product, then dispersed in the environment. The self-destruct bag only changes in size of the material after a period of decay. The nature of the materials used to make them has not changed.


Nowadays, because of its convenience, plastic bags appear everywhere. On the other hand, the price of plastic bags is very cheap, so users save money. Therefore, the more plastic bags are present, the more serious consequences are caused to the environment. For example, increasing the greenhouse effect, causing global climate change, causing soil to become discolored, not porous, poor in nutrition, affecting plant growth.

We can use immediate benefits but affect the protection of the surrounding environment. But if you are environmentally conscious, use self-destructing bags.

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