The aftershocks of the Covid-19 epidemic on the economy in general or the textile and garment industry in particular, lasted from the beginning of the year until now, have not yet ended. Orders are delayed or canceled, customers want to reduce selling prices… the accumulated difficulties have put pressure on the profits of businesses in the last months of the year.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the garment industry has also faced many difficulties. In particular, the garment industry of non-woven fabrics has become even more difficult when the demand for people is decreasing and the need to buy essentials for disease prevention, health protection and masks is increasing. In this situation, raw materials are scarce, especially non-woven fabrics. Supply does not meet the demand so price variation is unavoidable.


But in the middle of 2020, the epidemic is gradually controlled, the situation will also improve and get better. Then wait for translation to break out again in the last months of the year.

Faced with complicated epidemics, the non-woven garment industry faced a continuing crisis, when raw materials continued to change.


The difficulty also doubled when in the epidemic period back to the end of the year. The demand for non-woven fabrics for the holidays is large, but the supply is limited. So that situation should have optimal solutions for product selection:

– Customers needing fabric bags for the holidays need to customize the quantity according to reality.

-Ordering early is essential, so that customers can choose for themselves the colors and print to suit their needs.

-Choose the garment factory with many years of experience and the sewing factory that meets the needs and is reliable.

Facing difficulties, calmness for pandemic response and prevention is essential, so customers should choose a reputable supplier.

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