Currently on the market there are many different gift bags such as

– Fabric bag: non-woven fabric, canvas (canvas), polyester, jute fabric, PP laminated bag, …

– Plastic bag / nylon bag: HDPE, LDPE, zipper, …

-Paper bag: brown kraft, fashion paper bag, …

In which paper bags are bags with good printing materials bring luxury look. The design and color printed on paper bags are also more eye-catching than canvas and plastic bags. So many customers choose this paper bag as a gift bag and do many marketing campaigns out of paper bags.


In addition, the paper bag is also an effective advertising channel. But how about delivering the quality effectively out of this bag?

The color on the bag is essential to make the eye real impression at first glance.

In addition to the color, the printed texture is equally important. Please design enough information and pictures to print on the bag. Avoid coloring and contain too much information, confusing customers and not receiving all the important information that needs to be conveyed.


Besides, choose a reputable paper bag printing unit on the market today. Will help businesses create the best quality and most prestigious products.

Choose to order paper bags please contact us. We will advise you on the specifications and quality of the best products

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In addition, we also provide other types of backpack bags such as polyester bags, non-woven bags, canvas bags, jute bags,…. For the purpose of protecting the environment around us.

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