The Horrible Harms Of Using And Burning Plastic Bags

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Today, I would like to share with everyone about my interview as well as that of L’eco Company about “The Horrible Harms of Using and Burning Plastic Bags”.

It is calculated that discarding a plastic bag only takes 1 second, but without the impact of the high temperature of sunlight, it takes 500 ~ 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose. It is estimated that each year humanity uses about 500 ~ 1 trillion plastic bags


– Plastic bags contain many ingredients that are harmful to human health and the environment.
– Plastic bags contribute to water pollution and soil degradation.
– Waste from plastic bags creates many disease outbreaks,
– Single-use plastic bags cause economic waste for the whole world,
– Using plastic bags for hot food will produce many toxic substances for the body,
– When burning plastic bags, will produce extremely toxic gases that cause many serious diseases to people, …

tác hại của việc sử dụng túi nilong

So, Why Do You Know The Horrible Harm Of The Plastic Bag You Still Use?

I think all of us know the terrible effects of plastic bags but still use them because:
+ Plastic bags have become familiar in our daily life.
+ With the advantages of durability, strength, convenience, and low cost,…


Almost everywhere, around us. From the most popular items such as eggplants, fish, vegetables, … to fashion items, clothes, shoes, .. are all contained in plastic bags. . And usually after one use, those bags worth only a few cents are left indiscriminately everywhere, polluting the environment and unsightly city.

Here, I would like to share more about solutions to reduce the harmful effects of plastic bags on health and the environment

+ We can use non-woven bags, biodegradable and environmentally friendly bags to replace plastic bags. Contributing to the protection of health and the environment.

non – woven bags

+ In addition to non-woven bags, we can use foil to wrap products

+ Women who go to the market should bring baskets of vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

Each of us must raise our own awareness of limiting the use of plastic bags
Requiring buyers to pay for nylon bags, create financial resources to improve the environment,
Do not arbitrarily burn nylon bags,…

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