The latest 2024 Tet calendar bag models at L’eco

To cater to businesses’ needs, our store produces Tet calendar bags for the upcoming New Year. Today, we are delighted to introduce our 2024 Tet calendar bags at L’eco. These bags feature imagery such as peach trees, apricot blossoms, depictions of the Year of the Dragon, and messages of congratulations. We intend to imbue these bags with these meaningful elements, emphasizing the essence and core value of Tet gifts. Let’s explore the available models at our custom fabric bag sewing factory in partnership with L’eco.

Constructed from non-woven fabric, these bags offer a lightweight yet durable feel. They are designed to accommodate thick and bulky calendars. To enhance the bags, we can customize them with calendar-themed printing, emphasizing the significant value of the gift. This gesture not only expresses gratitude and appreciation but also demonstrates our esteem for the recipients. The use of non-woven fabric bags for calendar storage comes with numerous advantages that will surely satisfy businesses and stores.

Tet calendar bag
Tet calendar bag

To have a bag to carry the Tet calendar according to the requirements
+ Bag size: Height x Width (or with hips)
+ Style: flat bag, box bag, bag with perforated handle or handle
+ Quantity and fabric material: depending on needs
+ Printing information: depending on needs
+ Number of orders

Tet calendar bag
Tet calendar bag 2024 

With the above information, you will immediately have a satisfactory and impressive 2024 Tet calendar bag.

Tet calendar bag model
Tet calendar bag model

If customers need to order a 2024 Tet calendar bag, please contact us, L’eco is proud to affirm that it will be a reliable place for customers to place their trust.


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