Types of fabric bag printing according to demand in Ho Chi Minh City

As a bag sewing factory in Ho Chi Minh City, L’eco accepts to make cloth bags according to customers’ needs. Based on the sizes, quantity, and printing pattern, . . . From there, we come up with appropriate methods and plans for each business. To diversify the image and match the choice of the business. L’eco offers printing methods for canvas bags such as silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, gravure printing, etc.

1. Silkscreen printing

Screen printing is based on the principle that only part of the ink is absorbed through the printing screen to stick to the printing surface. To have the printing fully clear and attractive to consumers. Screen printing has to go through many stages: Designing for printing on film, creating printing molds, mixing printing colors, and printing.

Silkscreen printing was used in Europe in 1925 with printing on paper, paperboard, glass, sheet metal, imitation leather, etc. And they are evolving and changing to be more suitable for consumption.

Silkscreen printing

2. Thermal transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing is one of the most commonly used printing methods today. Thermal transfer printing is also considered a digital printing method because it prints images directly on the product without the need to make molds or prepare prints.

The principle of operation of thermal transfer printing is to transfer the printed image on paper through the surface of the material by a heat press machine, the type of paper used for thermal transfer printing is covered with a layer of heat transfer glue so that the image can be transferred from the paper to the surface. material to be printed through high pressure and temperature. Thermal transfer printing must go through steps such as creating a design, using a paper printer, gluing images on a bag, and using a heat press machine.

Thermal transfer printing

Gravure printing is a direct printing method, the ink is contained in a recess. The thickness and lightness of the printed image are determined by the size and depth of the indentations.

Gravure printing plays an important role in the field of packaging and bag printing. With bright harmonious colors, and fast and stable printing speed.

Gravure printing

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