Use printed non-woven bags for advertising

In recent years, non-woven bags with brand printing have become trendy. Besides, the bag becomes a mobile and effective advertising channel used by many businesses. Non-woven fabrics are affordable and environmentally friendly. Besides they are also very well used in printing on bags.

Is your business thinking about using this bag in an upcoming advertising campaign?

If so, you need some extra notes and tips to get the most out of this bag.

*** Print and design logo on the bag.

Between choosing an eco-friendly bag and one that harms the environment. Then people will give preference to the eco-friendly bag. Between a bag with a fancy, affordable design and a beautiful, but quite expensive bag. Then people still prefer to choose the bag with impressive design and affordable price. It is these things that have highlighted and chosen by customers. So when putting your business logo on non-woven bags. This will help reach more potential customers.

Besides, non-woven bags also have many printing methods depending on the needs to choose from. Printing includes: silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, axis printing, …. Based on the design, you should choose the most suitable printing method.

For the design of the image on the bag, the customer and his product must first be thought of. After all, they will be potential future customers of your business. And also a place to help you advertise mobile to more people. If you want them to have a good impression then your bag needs to be beautiful and fashionable.

Non woven bag
Non woven bag

*** Choose a supplier of non-woven bags according to your needs.

Once you’ve figured out all of the above, it’s essential that you find a quality supplier. They can ensure all your print design and product needs. Look for transparent production facilities that have many years of experience in the field. Because of these they will help you to be more clear and avoid many risks.

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factory sewing non-woven bags
factory sewing non-woven bags

L’eco non-woven bag sewing facility is an establishment with many years in the field of environmental cloth bag business. With head office located in Ho Chi Minh area. L’eco not only serves domestic production, but also expands to the world market.

production of non-woven bags for export
production of non-woven bags for export

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